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Thread: key words: old world, OS9.1, and microsoft

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    hello people and peoples

    the combination of the three mentioned in the topic is giving me a hard time. I dont really know how much it has to do with my old world mac (7300 with 312 mb ram).
    -trying to use internet explorer (using mozilla version 1 now...horrible) gives me a type 3 error that the supportpage cant seem to do deal with
    - msn messenger gives me the type of error that says msn is out of service or you are not connected to the internet. this thing has been going on forever. it is possible that msn for OS 9.1 is just too old but i doubt it. should i download OS 9.2.2 then? wont this be too much for my oldie?

    I feel kindof stupid cause these kindof problems probably have a very silly cause.
    i just gave up on looking for it and posted it on the forum.
    im still a computernoob

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    Stick with 9.1. The latest Mozilla for OS 9 was 1.2? and froze there as of last December 2002. MSIE is 5.1.7. I try to not use Microsoft for anything. I still use Mozilla (1.5a) as my default because it gives more control over cookies, images, and works with most sites as well as or better than MSIE.

    If there is an update for OS 9-anything, update for sure. Outlook Express 5.06 is much more reliable and less trouble.

    Sad Macs, 4th Edition is good at covering the basics. Or some of the basics of troubleshooting. Use Disk Warrior, remove the system preference folder. Do a clean install of 9.1. make sure the RAM is okay.

    With a G3/500, ATI Radeon 7000, and a good hard drive or two, maybe a controller or something, you should have a fine running system.

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    Do you have any version of Netscape installed?

    I've had instances where even Communicator 4.7 (on the OS 9.1 Install CD) could cause problems with Mozilla, especially if they're both using the same Pref's folder.

    I personaly would junk IE, ANY version. It's ungodly slow and it doesn't 'tab'.

    IIRC, when I was running 1.1.x.x (don't remember EXACT build) I found that some of Apple's Security and LDAP Extensions could cause weird behavior. Made a slim Ext. Set and they disappeared. Of course I can't tell you for how long it worked, as I chucked it when 1.2.1a came out (I believe that's the build TZ's referring to)

    Oh, another thing that I've always found that helped out when browsing with an old world Mac, is that for ALL Cache Folders, I'd use a 5MB Ram Disk.

    Doesn't screw up your preferences, as you can shut down and that stuff goes the way of the Do-Do.

    I would even suggest you trash the Moz pref's, SAVE your bookmark.html file then shut-down, restart and Import the B.Mark after you've set your Pref's.

    Just my $.02, Now I'm Broke!!! LOL


    "I made a conscience decision in a semi-conscious state"

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