Ok, I just got my iMac today. It seems to run fine. I've booted into both OS 9 and OS X. Tried out a few things in each. No problems.

Now I plan to do a couple things and I want to confirm I'm on the right path.

I want to partition the disk into 15g for OS X, 5g for OS 9, and the remaining 20g for miscellaneous data. This will necessitate initializing and re-installing everything, correct?

So should I do that initialization/partitioning from the OS X or OS 9 CD?

Does it matter which OS I install first after the drive is ready?

And what are the 6 software restore disks that came with the computer and how are they different from the Applications disk?

Also, I ordered 512M of RAM for this iMac. Any recommendations on whether I should install it before doing all of the above or after?