I don't know if Macgurus is the best place for "all" my mac questions. If someone could direct me to a better source unless there is a mac web jockey or two on this forum...

I was just getting my pages set up under 9. I have been using PageSpinner in the free mode. I am thinking seriously of getting the license and going legit. But now that I have Jaguar, I am wondering what new page design options are out there?

I also have a little pgm that runs under 9, have not tried it in classic, that I can drop an updated file on and it uploads it to my site. I need to be able to do this in X also.My strategy with web development has to include a sane way to manage regular updates on page information.

Dreamweaver would be my first choice. But the high end pgms are a little out of reach financially just now. I have a working BBedit, under 9. But that is not quite to my liking either. Very code driven. Great if you are totally into coding html. I still need some pull downs and how to's.

In short, are there any new [players in the OS X world?

Thanks - lb