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Thread: 8600/300: keyboard problem

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    My 8600/300 has a dead ADB port. Can I replace that port or can I go around it some way?

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    Oh boy...
    It does sound like that port is mucked up...

    Can't think of an easy way to talking to it short of seeing if you can get it up on a network and control it from there somehow (Network Assistant).

    Is the other ADB cable still plugged in?.


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    Did you try starting the computer again with the substitute keyboard? Leave the mouse off to reduce the possibility of it causing the conflict. Also, hold the Shift key to prevent possible conflicting extensions. If it boots okay. Try selecting the hard drive. To do this without a mouse, just type the first few characters of the drive's name. I.E. Drive's name is "Macintosh HD" then type 'mac'.

    If this works, then the port is okay. Shut down by pressing the power key (on the keyboard) and then press Return. Connect the mouse, and try again. Remember to hold the Shift key! If all works well now, then your problem is the extensions you installed. Try removing them and check VersionTracker for an update to your joystick software.

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    Hey pf,

    If the keyboard is plugged into the side of the monitor (as I suspect that it is), you will need to plug the keyboard directly into the computer. It sounds like the ADB cable from the monitor is mucked up. You don't need that monitor ADB cable plugged into the computer except to activate the ports on the sides of the monitor. Of course, this means your joystick must also have a pass-through connector to also be plugged into the back of the computer.


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