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Thread: Floppy drive crashes comptr & zip wont mount

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    I recently bought a "gently used" desktop G3 300 upgraded to 400. After using it a while, I found out that the floppy drive isn't working & zip drive won't mount a disk, and retains it. I've exchanged the floppy drive with the one in my old 6500, and it works in there, plus the known good one still crashes the comptr. I can get the zip to eject with the paperclip-pinhole trick, but no disk will work in there. Does anyone know what's going on here?
    Thanks for any & all help.

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    Hard to say......... but it sounds like your zip drive may be hosed. I must admit, I've never used one. I've have a Jazz drive, and after looking over the build and materials that it was put together with, decided not to trust my data to it.

    So are you saying the floppy drive you swapped into the desktop G3 from the 6500 crashes your Mac?

    Was that the same problem with the one you took out?

    Check for bent pins on the MOBO connection pins for the floppy drive ribbon cable.

    It may behoove you to do a clean install of the Operating System. You might have some thrashed resources causing a problem.

    Hopefully, one of the "expert" members or Gurus will come along and throw in their 2.



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