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Thread: G4, single to dual??

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    Does anyone know if the single processor G4's have the option of adding a 2nd processor, basically turning a G4/400 into a G4/400 MP???

    Thanks guys!

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    No, only one CPU socket on the daughtercard.

    If you buy a MPe upgrade (I believe they have them here) with one processor, you may be able to run your existing processor as the second CPU. You would think it would be a sure thing, but various build characteristics, material runs, make variances in the CPU's themselves. Seems like I've read here or elsewhere it'll work, but may not be optimum unless there a pretty close build spec match.

    One of the Gurus can likely address the particulars of those issues.


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    depends on the G4. If you mean a PCI Yikes as opposed to an AGP Sawtooth, then the answer at this time is yes. You can install a MACh Velocity with dual-G4. Generally, you'll want to use a matching pair of XLR8 G4Z ZIF MPe for this. You can repurpose your pulled ZIF in another machine, or just keep it on the shelf as a backup.

    there are not yet any upgrades for Sawtooth. I think you'll see them announced and maybe shipping around MW-NY this Summer.

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