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Thread: Mac Radeon corruption

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    Has anyone with the original Mac Radeon PCI had corruption issues after upgrading the ROM firmware to 126. I get random lines startingon the bottom of the screen and need to reset the monitor resolution to clear. Happends a couple time per day. No response from ATI been contacting for over a month. Is there a way to restore previous ROM?


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    I did the -126 upgrade on my Radeon 8500 ME and it runs fine in 10.3.2, but I have a corruption issue in 9.2.1. On the first start in OS9 after being in Panther the upper third of the screen is distorted at 45 and the Happy Mac's off-centre. By the time the start-up's finished it's all OK. A subsequent restart in OS9 results in the top half inch covering the menu-bar all corrupt, and it happens at the first screen to appear, before the OS loads. Changing the resolution clears the fault, and restarting with the resolution set to 800x600 works OK too. Also found an extension conflict with the ATI Video Accelerator freezing the system on start-up.
    I woke up this mornin',
    cranked up the Mac.
    Loaded in a Panther,
    and the problem's back...

    In Panther now too. The download I got from ATI has a Restore app. which I duly ran, ROM version checks out OK as -123, and the corruption issue remains! What do I do now Mummy?

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    I have not seen this problem but after upgrading or downgrading the ROM firmware, are you still running at the same Hz setting as before? Another idea, video settings are retained in NVRAM, so perhaps reset PRAM and NVRAM in OS9 with cmd-opt-pr and hold the keys down thru three or more boot chimes then release. The restart will probably be at 640x480 until the Monitors CP loads then revert to your last setting or it may just remain at 640x480 and once to the desktop you will need to open the Monitors CP to setup. Let us know. k

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