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Thread: video card+flatpanel upgrades

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    ...and I thought this would be easy...

    Operating an 8500 w/ G4 upgrade card, OS 9.1, 144Mb ram, and wanted to upgrade to a flat panel display. Got a good deal on a ViewSonic VX900, connected it up to an adapter and it works fine... just not at max resolution. What to do now??

    Got a ATI Rage 128 from a newer Mac, snapped it in, downloaded the Radeon/Mac s/w from ATI, loaded it up and turned it all on... got a nice empty screen... the desktop is off to the left so far I don't see the Menu bar or any files. Just can't get at desktop.

    Seems like there must be a simple solution to get the desktop to be in view, but I certainly don't have any idea how. Maybe I should have installed a second display? Do I need to do something to the original onboard video card???

    The only way I can use the display is to connect to the onboard video output through an adapter. The only control panel options are from my old Applevison 17 display...

    Must have missed a class in Simple Video Upgrades 101...


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    Zap the PRAM (3-5 times), and do a "cuda reset" (the computer motherboard has a reset button to be used when adding or moving PCI cards).

    Also, before you do so, or if booting from a CD works (might want to start there), delete any of the monitor and display preference files so it has to create new set.

    Even if you can't see what you type, doing an "Open Firmware" reset might help with the following,

    Command - Option - OF followed by:

    I have an 18" ViewSonic, just great to use. Rage ought to work, Radeon would be nice but not essential.

    - G.

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