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Thread: Can I use an AppleColor RBG Monitor with a Mac??

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    This isn't really a "Video Upgrade" question, but it's the closest fit I could find, forum-wise.

    I picked up an AppleColor RGB Monitor at a thrift store, not realizing that it was made for an Apple II computer, rather than a Mac. The video port on the back appears to use the same connector as the plug on Mac monitors like the 12" RGB. If I had a male to male cable, could I use this monitor with an older Mac, like an LC -- or is it an entirely different animal?


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    Believe it or not- it depends on what LC (or other Mac) you're using, and what model AppleColor you have!

    I *just* found out, I mean YESTERDAY, that AppleColor High Resolution RGB Monitors do work with some Macs, but not all. I too picked up a couple of those monitors for free recently, along with a handful of LCs and a IIci. The older AppleColor is from 1988, Model number M0401. It works with all the machines I got- two LCs, an LC II, an LC III and the IIci. The newer one is from 1991, Family number M1297. It only works with the LC III and IIci- not the earlier LCs. This is baffling a bunch of us on the Vintage.Macs mailing list at .

    That was the long answer to your question. Short answer- maybe! Give it a shot. Just so you know, when the newer monitor didn't work with my older LCs, it didn't show me anything but a black screen. Nothing ever came up, nothing flickered.

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