Strata is offering a free version of thier video editing software. It is fully functional, the only limit being the number of features and tracks you have available to you. I downloaded and tested the software myself, (I have just about every video editing software there is...), and found it simple and straightforward.

I use several strata products, videoshop, videopaint, strata3D, and like the simplicity, also it's close resemblance to premier, if you want to try video editing, I'm sure you will havea positive experience with this software. I used it with my ATI VR 128 with good results.
Pro versions are offered at a reasonable price too.

Click on Strata DV in the products column.

Also a free version of thier 3D software is offered, you must have a second email address to download and get the password for both, only one email address is accepted as a sign-on name for each software.

Download and enjoy!

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