I just picked up a pivot monitor at my Mac clubs semi annual garage sale. Really cheap ($5.00). If it absolutely won't work, no real harm done. So the question is, how or where can I find a card that will drive the thing?

Make: Radius
Style: 17" Pivot
Model: Color Pivot LE

Installing it in a 7600 PowerMac. Currently with 4 megs of VRAM and a no name video card (also from the garage sale - suspect it's an IX Micro). Which means that, if I had to use a card - I could, assuming I can find one.

And what about drivers? The monitor does work in landscape. Well, it sort of works. The picture goes beyond the screen size. I think they had a special picture resolution for those monitors.

Someone told me of a site where you could get drivers for Radius's old stuff. Any help finding it? Or other suggestions? It really is a cool idea having the upright page and a swivel for wide pages.