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  1. "Black Screen no Chime"

    Its 10 PM on Monday, 12/27/10. Tried all the suggestions, no change.
    Computer comes on, fans run, but no chime, and the screen remains black.
  2. "Black Screen no Chime"

    Tried all the suggestions, no chime, no image on screen, which is the old 23" HD Cinema. Have tried everything, with and without screen plugged in.

    Waiting 8 hours, then finish this one below...
  3. "Black Screen no Chime"

    Bus is 133 MHz
  4. "Black Screen no Chime"

    Will try all the suggestions today and repost what happens this evening.
    Thanks for all the comments!
  5. G4 mdd "no chime, screen black"

    I've done the Voodoo fix 7 times, no change, "NO CHIME, SCREEN BLACK". Original problem, when monitor worked and there was a startup chime, but the firewire connection was working intermittently,...
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