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  1. Ibook remote VGAs cutting off after 30 sec

    I run teleprompter for a major band. I use two white dual usb ibooks as they will run OS9. The only real pro prompter application for the mac never made it successfully to os X (accuprompt). I...
  2. Thank you for your reply. I somehow got it last...

    Thank you for your reply.
    I somehow got it last night.
    The laptop copy action froze while trying to copy last night.... I restarted the finder and tried again than the .ds_store files copied fine...
  3. DRIVE EXPERTS:: Fat32 formatted drive/OSX cant copy from drive

    At a studio I work at a producer put a month of audio (pro tools) sessions on fat32 formatted hard drive (Lacie 250 Porche) without preping it as HFS+. This drive has sessions from major artists...
  4. Firmware won't update to 4.4.8 Dual1.25 MDD

    I have a dual 1.25 MDD FW 800 that ran fine for a year than started to kernel panic regularly (simple deadlock detection) (very short backtrace)
    Also the fans started to run FULL BLAST at...
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