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    Flashing Pioneer DVR-105

    Is it possible to flash this drive to speed up the write speed from 4x to 6 or 8x?
  2. OS 9 ok

    I feel like Super Duper infected my computer and I can't get rid of it. I did totally reformat my new maxtor drive and that enabled OS 9 to recognize the various partions and I restored Panther to a...
  3. Os 9 partion

    I have the OS 9 partion at 5GB
  4. Seritek/1S2 & Maxtor Diamondmax10 300gig sata

    I've just installed a 1S2 board and a serial Maxtor diamondMax 10 300gig drive on my G4 dp450 running OSX PANTHER 10.3.9 and os9.2.2 on a separate partition. I duplicated my operating systems using...
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