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  1. Totally

    Rick, you are totally correct that it was a frustrating experience, and I apologize for that. I was frustrated before I even called you, and I wasn't able to understand your instructions. I have...
  2. Resetting/Correcting Terminal and accounts

    Hi All, I have major issues with account names, Terminal Utility, drive versus backup drive. It should take only a few minutes (20?) to run me through it, but I need some on phone step by step time...
  3. Replies

    Bridge Error

    Hi All, I just recopied my root backup to root. The local partition was not involved. When I tried to start Adobe Bridge from the local/applications, the message "application has moved" came up, and...
  4. Rick I am lost and overwhelmed. Re: application...

    Rick I am lost and overwhelmed.
    Re: application link-I do have a folder with 3rd part apps at Volume/Local/
    Does the link point to itself? I don't get it!

    User's Folder-Totally weird-I do have...
  5. Moving Users

    Thanks, Rick. I'm gaining trust in this forum.

    Regarding the symlink for applications, is this a link from root to 3rd party apps on local?
  6. Creating new bootable drive

    Thanks for the offer to help. I am trying to follow the instructions that Rick wrote in "Move Users 10.4" to create a new bootable drive.

    It said nothing about a new installation.

    Was that an...
  7. No Startup Choice

    Re: G5 PCI, OS 10.4.11

    I bought sync...X Pro and used the synchronize function to copy my user (home) folder to a new partition on a freshly zeroed drive. I let it copy all the files. The...
  8. SuperDuper for copying OS X to new drive

    Does anybody know how to direct Super Duper to copy operating system and apple apps to new blank partition on new drive?

    I'm using OS 10.4.11 on G5 dual.

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