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  1. By way of a final PS

    Dear rwm and unclemac, I managed to acquire a MacMini G4 with 10.5.8 installed via Ebay for a reasonable price and found it very easy to set up as a print server as you suggested ~ thank you! Here's...
  2. Thank you very much ~ but I think I'll wait for a...

    Thank you very much ~ but I think I'll wait for a Mac running 10.5 or 10.4 ~ given the lack of space on and below my desk, I'm hoping a mac mini will come my way.
  3. Dear rwm and unclemac ~ I thought I'd wait until...

    Dear rwm and unclemac ~ I thought I'd wait until I had the extra RAM installed before responding ~ it doesn't seem to make much difference. I think my "older mac" is too old to act as a server, being...
  4. Bingo!

    Thank you for the link ~ unfortunately it wouldn't open this side of the pond ~ I was just redirected to

    However, I think I've asked myself the right question now : does...
  5. Using an Apple Laserwriter 8500 with Snow Leopard

    Every two years or so, I turn to the wisdom of MacGurus! ~ Now that appletalk has gone for good, I've followed the instructions given at ~ but find that although...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    efaxes for Intel based Macs

    I have recently acquired an eFax Corporate number.

    I was having difficulty with sending faxes, but have now ascertained that it is not possible to send faxes using an Intel-based Mac, either using...
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    Internet Connection Down

    I have a wired DG834v3 ADSL Router, which gave a lively internet connection with my old Mac Pro, using Tiger, no problems. When I connected my new Mac Pro, using Leopard (with all data having been...
  9. You were right

    Howdy Uncle Mac - you were right, in the end it required a trip to Apple who confirmed it was a hardware issue, tried replacing a few parts without success, then found traces of mercury in the...
  10. Mac Pro cuts out and tries to restart but can't

    Dear Wise Ones,

    My Mac Pro has suddenly started blanking out and turning off, starting to restart but not completing, accompanied by a gentle clanking sound like a flapping metal wing, behind the...
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    Thank you

    Thank you so much!

    I downloaded the gutenprint software and it all looked a little complicated for the likes of me, but the release notes prompted me to do a Google search for: CUPS PPD...
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    Laserwriter 8500

    I'm trying to print from my new Mac Pro 2 x 3 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon to my faithful Laserwriter 8500 via my ethernet network - but nothing happens, however I try to configure it, with either the...
  13. Thank you!

    Dear Costa,

    Thank you for your help which has solved my problem.

    Since I use two displays and like to have backup, in fact I've ordered both products from OWC.

    Mille grazie - and may there...
  14. 4MB SGRAM 3.3 v 83MHz 144-pin SO DIMM

    Hello everyone

    I am based in London, UK.

    I have a PowerMac beige G3 desktop, Revision 3.

    I'm trying to upgrade my VRAM to the maximum 6MB.

    So I need a 4MB SGRAM 3.3 v 83MHz 144-pin SO...
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