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    Upcoming Haswell Desktop lineup

    Yet another processor

    Prices for Intelís upcoming Haswell Desktop lineup have been leaked by the ...
  2. 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display VS IMAC

    Been reading more- yea i know dangerous- but some recomend a
    MacBook Pro to run a workstation. What are your thoughts on the two.
    Ive read i could plug right into a Thunderbolt raid- but what...
  3. My techie knowledge is not that deep- are you...

    My techie knowledge is not that deep- are you saying because the controller hardware and software are identical to the BurlyRAID which uses a PCIe version of the same controller hardware, that they...
  4. My Mac Pro was a work horse, so was my old old...

    My Mac Pro was a work horse, so was my old old Mac Laserwriter printer that was hacked into the trash one day- that, thing worked and worked. The newer stuff seems to get obsolete within the 3 year...
  5. Smart Way to Upgrade my Mac Pro Early 2008

    I need to upgrade my Mac Pro Early 2008.
    Ive included the pricing below with each set up.

    Mac Pro Early 2008
    4GECC6400 - 4GB PC6400/800 MHz DDR2 ECC Fully Buffered $129.00 MEMORY
    0F14681 -...
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    Repair Corrupt Zip Files

    Does anyone know how to repair corrupt zip files.
    I searched and found very little. All were windows software, and found one thing about trying terminal but no real instructive articles. Was hoping...
  7. Damaged Items Folder

    I located a Damaged Item folder on my cloned drive.
    It must have been there from the very first scan that was done.
    In the Damaged Items folder are several files i need from two jobs.
    They are...
  8. Disk Warrior Reports

    The folders are all visible with level depth.

    First Disk Warrior Report:
    Repaired Item Count
    Repaired the total folder count of the Volume Information
    Detected More Items
    Location Desktop
  9. Decoding file names after Data Recovery

    Is their any third party software out there that will decode file names after recovery.
    One other note the zip files are numerical and the rar files have the names.
    Of course none of the others...
  10. Logical Drive Failure, Folders read Files do not

    i have 3 SIMPLE TECH 1.TB DRIVES
    One of my drives has a Capacity: 931.48 GB DATA

    This drive1.TB had a Logical Failure.
    All of my folders show but the files do not.

    First we ran Disk Warrior...
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