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  1. Hi Hazkell: I really wanted to purchase your PM9600 machine - not just the burner you indicated you had. Are you still interested in selling that machine? Please advise. Thanks
  2. Hi H: Ok thanks. Thanks for the MDD explanation. Burner? I thought you were selling an entire PowerMac system no? Would it be possible if you could call me? 609-346-2882. Maybe I'm not explaining what I really need. And yes, I do have a paypal account which we could use. Really need to get this back up and running as I have to download some old client files. Thanks!
  3. Hi Hazkell: I'm not sure what you mean. What's an MDD 1.25? I have the PowerMac 7500/100 using OS 8.6 that crapped out - but I need to replace this in order to get some external files from Retrospect. After I finalize downloading files, I will scrap the computer altogether. The other computers I have are all G4s and G5s - model years 2007 & 2008. I also have an IMAC G5. That's all I have. I can look for you, but can't guarantee that I'd find anything. Would you be interested in an outright sale? Please advise urgently. Thanks!
  4. Damn cheap!
    Would you have a or 9.2.1 or 9.2.2 for a MDD 1.25?
    I found a 9.2.2 for $150.00 and they can keep it.
    Find me a retail card for the MDD and think we'll be in business.
    If you find one for sale .... don't buy it, just let me know.
    If you have any of the above, we will trade and all you'll owe is the shipping.
    good luck, h
  5. Hi Hazkell:
    Sorry for the late reply - holiday traveling and all. Hope yours was good.
    What OS is your system running? It may be worth it for me to buy and try getting the Retrospect files that way. I've tried almost everything else. The cable isn't compatible - has OS9 software, but not 8.6 - tried to find online - but honestly I haven't looked that hard. What would you want for the machine? Please let me know. Thanks much. Regards, staci
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