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05-25-2016, 11:55 AM
1. My MBP is acting up ... ok to trash the logs folder?

2. What software will delete remaining left-over files from trashed (deleted) software.

Hope this will be the cure.

Then will get my back-up drive together.
Can't see backing up MBP... if having bogus files are still on it.

3. Any NEW anti spam / malware software available?

Thank you, h

05-25-2016, 03:46 PM
Just where do I find the "auto save"?
Just typed a new thread .... pretty darn busy today ... so it took awhile .... when I went to post on the site, the page took me back to "log-in" ...I forgot to check "remember me".

Now that thread has disappeared.
Can I still find it?
Doubt it!


05-25-2016, 10:38 PM
Acting up how?

Mine had some issues with previous OS, but since Yosemite it's been behaving itself. Disabling Flash helped a lot. It really is a POS.

05-26-2016, 01:25 AM
I can run (disk utilities) ... (disk doctor) or (disk cleaner).
Each one seems to do different cleans ..... have had no problems ... after ... it runs smooth and fast.

I get on the internet and within a few windows while I'm reading a page ... it suddenly jumps to a different page or freezes.
Sometimes back to the log-in page ... asking for pass word ... when given ... it jumps back to the original Internet page I started with.

Almost seems like someone else has control.
I did make the mistake of getting (MacKeeper) but read on gurus how to delete every last file bit.
I was in a big A$$ hurry to get some anti-spam up and running ... boy did I muck-up.

I bought this mac from a programmer that works for the University of Illinois.

Heres a report from when I first used (disk utilities) .... Repaired “System/Library/CoreServices/Feedback Assistant.app”Warning: SUID file “System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/ARDAgent” has been modified and will not be repaired.

I'm thinking he did that because he didn't want anyone to copy some of his programming.
No doubt students probably had access to use it ... maybe he didn't have the install disk, therefore didn't zero it out.
Probably was at the university .... faster to just delete that file ... I don't know.
It was a fast sell and picked it up the next morning before he went to work.

I checked out some of the folders .... nothing but a bunch of programing jargon too me.
A friend of mine told me about this guy whom wanted to sell his MBP.
When I called him and we talked for about half an hour, he wasn't quiet sure he was going to sell it.
I upped the price by $100.00 .... he said "sold ".
Cost less than $1300.00.

I will be installing El Capitan ...... hell, while I'm typing this a folder called Main Stage popped up from my launchpad.
Something is going on ... it never has crashed, but behaving peculiar.

thanks h

05-26-2016, 08:38 AM
I would do a clean install, and go from there.

05-27-2016, 08:04 AM
A clean OS install is always wise.

Until then, or if there is software you don't want to reinstall, try this:

Go to System Preferences/Users
Make a new user, and be sure to check the box to assign admin rights to the new user
Log in as the new user

Use the machine as the new admin user, and see how it behaves. A vast majority of issues, problems, and quirks are user space related, so hopefully, most if not all the weirdness goes away. Plus you get a clean fresh start with regard to preferences, browser history, etc.

If the machine is solid after extended use, you can delete the original user account if you like.


As for security stuff...Malware Bytes (https://www.malwarebytes.org/antimalware/mac/) bought the best Mac anti-malware app, and it seems pretty good. Free. Sophos has redone their free home (personal) software security suite (https://www.sophos.com/en-us/lp/sophos-home.aspx), and it seems really good and light weight so far. Have to set up an account, but again.....free without all the nagging of most "free" security software.

05-27-2016, 03:29 PM
Thanks uncleMac ... I"ll give that a try and be back with the results.

thanks all, h

06-13-2016, 09:16 PM
Hi all! hey M. BRANE .... been so long since I've disabled any software.
How do I disable "flash"

How is that done or should I just delete it?

I will get back on the back-up hardware shortly ... a couple of other things jumped up and bit my butt .... taking my finances I had saved.
Just don't want you-all to think you've wasted your time with my recent threads.

Thanks, h

06-13-2016, 09:50 PM
Hi all! hey M. BRANE .... been so long since I've disabled any software.
How do I disable "flash"

Safari>Preferences>Security>Plug-in settings. You can set it on a per-site basis which is what I do. Only the sites that I trust to not have crap flash based ads. If you don't have auto update enabled make sure you check periodically. Flash has major security issues. As long as you're careful, and keep it updated you'll be fine.

Just don't want you-all to think you've wasted your time with my recent threads.

Nonsense! Happy to help out a fellow Guru.