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02-17-2014, 08:15 AM
I got an odd one here. A friend brought over a 2008 iMac8,1 24" running Leopard10.5.8. She told me it had been in storage for a few years and it would give a kernel panic if she did anything. So I booted it up and everything looked normal to me until I tried to do a software update, the the top of the screen turned yellow and black kinda like the yellow cab logo. Real strange, so I rebooted and everything looked ok again. I ran repair permissions and checked the disk and found no problems. I tried software update again and it work but found no new software. Now since everything looked OK, I tried updating to Snow Leopard. That worked OK as well. Now to try the Mavericks update as thats what she wanted on the iMac. That also installed with no problems. I again ran repair permissions and checked the disk no problems. Next I tried doing the Mavericks updates to the OS and applications. Now the problems start. After the update I got to the login screen but when I went to type in the password the whole screen image shifted to the right. Real odd. I rebooted and now the keyboard and mouse couldn't select anything and I couldn't type in the password either. Again I booted into single user and ran fsck -fy and it said everything was OK. Then I reset PRAM. Now to boot and now it hangs with the spinning wheel of death. Then it freezes. I tried a safe boot and that worked although it took a long time to boot. I even tried booting from the external firewire drive I used to install Mavericks and no joy. Any ideas as now it won't boot at all it just sits on the gray screen with spinning wheel.

02-17-2014, 11:28 AM
You really do have an odd one. The only thing that occurs to me was that the early 24" iMacs had an issue with the screen. I think they did a recall or were doing repairs.