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01-02-2014, 10:45 AM
Did anyone read Molly Wood's comic review of the December 2013 MacPro in the New York Times?


The Times recently lost David Poegue and Mark Mossburg, and have apparently hired a truly incompetent, self-described tech freelancer instead. She thinks the MacPro's shape is "obviously an indulgence," when in fact the round shape is a requirement of engineering the case around the largest, quietest possible fan. She laments the loss of the internal PCI slots that thunderbolt renders obsolete, and fails to consider that an $8,000 computer with and endless array of plug-and-play, external PCI slots is not only what the market needs, but is no more expensive and far more convenient than buying two or three separate, old-style MacPros to accommodate workflow requiring lots of PCI cards. She also appears to be ignorant of the essential doctrine of splitting operating system, applications, data input, and data output onto separate hard drives to gain the highest possible speed, and of Thunderbolt's role in making that easily possible. The claim that there are few Thunderbolt peripherals on the market misses the point that only PCI cases are needed; does she seek a Thunderbolt mouse?!

All told, Wood claims that at only three times faster than a MacMini, the new MacPro is not a worthwhile investment -- but that's with everything sharing the one internal hard drive. I'd love to see her same test repeated with a properly configured set of hard drives over Thunderbolt. Have the Gurus yet tested that, to see how fast it truly will be?

I hate to see Apple get slammed in a major paper by someone who does not understand what she reviews.

01-02-2014, 11:06 AM
Been MANY years since I didn't think the New York Times was a 'department of propaganda' instead of a news source. So bad I won't open a page once I know the source. Ignorance is the rule. Bloviating on what you know nothing about is the job. Typical of the last 50 years from the NYT.

I have a nMP a comin. Look forward to it greatly. But going to be a month before I see it.

Already known that only way one will see big improvements in performance will be with applications optimized to use multi-cores and dual GPUs. Most of the stuff the average person uses is single threaded and won't see an improvement on the new MacPro over what a middle of the road iMac or Mini can do. However, anything that IS written for multicores and multi-GPUs is gonna scream. Hands down it is hard to find anything else made that can stand up to a nMP on 4K video.


01-03-2014, 12:35 AM
The Times loss of David Poegue and Mark Mossburg didn't bode well for Tech at the Times. Poegue was at least competent in the reviews he did. One could at least use the comparisons for perspective.

I wonder if Molly Wood knows sign language, I heard they need signers in South Africa. Though I do understand that I, myself, will no doubt, never really need a MP, there are those that will be in heaven. When ever I have observed scientists in labs using computers modeling projects, check out what they use, almost always it's a Mac. Most likely custom programs designed to get the most from these new MPs.

Ohhhhh, and Ricks get one. Mind if I come over and play?

01-03-2014, 08:43 AM
Ohhhhh, and Ricks get one. Mind if I come over and play?

Look forward to your visit greatly. Bringith your eastern inscrutability and we'll swap for a bit.


01-04-2014, 12:34 AM
Too bad your not just down the street. Well, when I'm in your neighborhood next.