View Full Version : Mac Pro 1,1 CPU upgrades

06-09-2011, 05:02 PM
Hi Mac Gurus,

It's been many years since I've had questions or comments here and it's wonderful that this board is still around for Mac heads to come and find answers. I've learned a lot here over the years and I appreciate the kind wisdom shared so freely.

Quick up-to-date: my tired, maxed-out, over-heating 2002 1.0 x2 QS still lives but has been in poor health the past year or so. I hoped it could last a little longer to make it to 10 yrs. or until it died.

I recently got a hold of a 2006 MP 1,1 that will replace the QS but I need some some better overall speed in it.

I'm now considering swapping out the two Xeon 5150/2.66 Woodcrest with two X5355/2.66 or X5365/3.0 Clovertown quad cores.

Aside from higher watts and some temp. increases, are there any real dangers from going this route? That cool aluminum case and power supply seem up to the task. Used chip prices (removed from servers) seem decent to get this MP up to a snappier 8 core rig. I've read some good experiences out there and I'm fairly comfortable with gutting a Mac to get speed increases.

Any comments, thoughts, or regrets on this from anyone that has done this transplant? Thanks for your help.


06-09-2011, 09:35 PM
I have not done this upgrade yet, but I keep wanting to. Might have to consider it myself - your fault - starting this sexy raw performance talk all over again and getting my blood to boil.

POWER baby!!! :kickass: