View Full Version : New-ish MackBook Pro won't burn DVD

01-14-2011, 03:03 PM
Hello, I have a MacBook Pro 5,1 with a 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2 GB 1067 MHxDDR3 memory and here's what I have for Disk burning:


Firmware Revision: KB19
Interconnect: ATAPI
Burn Support: Yes (Apple Shipping Drive)
Cache: 2048 KB
Reads DVD: Yes
CD-Write: -R, -RW
DVD-Write: -R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW
Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, DVD-DAO
Media: To show the available burn speeds, insert a disc and choose View > Refresh

But the thing WILL NOT BURN DISKS. And I am out of warranty.

01-17-2011, 09:38 AM
Have you tried different disc types? Some drives are picky when it comes to burning.

01-17-2011, 09:46 AM
no--only dvds, and only the one brand i have on hand. i will try another. my dear old G5 burns them though. drrrrrrr. (thank you).

01-17-2011, 12:14 PM
A firmware update? I'd assume no but you never know.... Look in this Google Search. (http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&q=MATSHITA+DVD-R+UJ-868+mac+firmware&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&fp=f478bdfafcb0c911)