View Full Version : G4 Will Not Boot From OSX 1.4x DVD???

06-06-2010, 10:34 PM
Hi Everyone I have had a series of troubles with my G4 over the past few days, but until I can run the Apple hardware test I am at a loss. I have tried to boot from several copies and my original 10.4x installer disk to run the test and the drive keeps kicking them out. It will boot off of various other types of disks and will mount CDs without a problem so I do not think it is the drive?? I do notice that when I go into system preferences, it shows the machine as a F4 450 mhz which is correct, but when I it keeps referencing my G3? Confused, could the computer have gotten thinking that it is a G3 series computer and not accepting the 10.4x installer disk by mistake?? I also just for laughs and giggles set us another account and logged in as that to rule out any software conflict that would be preventing the disk from mounting. No luck! I am grasping at straws as I am at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.

06-06-2010, 10:36 PM
Should have been 10.4x OS. Sorry. I am frustrated :-(.

06-06-2010, 10:53 PM
If you haven't installed a new drive, which you may have, the original was not a DVD drive it was a CD. That might explain why they are spit out.

If you did replace the drive you might consider updating the Firmware (http://www.apple.com/support/powermac/g4/), if you haven't already done so.

If that doesn't help maybe someone else will know.

06-07-2010, 08:53 AM
OS10.4 required minimum CPU speed of 867mhz if I am not mistaken.


06-07-2010, 09:39 AM
You are thinking of 10.5.

10.4 will chug along nicely on G3s.

06-07-2010, 01:45 PM
I did swap out CDR with CD/DVDRW drive. It boots and mounts other disks These OS 10.4x disks boot and mount on other computers fine! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

06-07-2010, 02:16 PM
If they are Apple OEM disks (gray label) then they are machine specific, and that is likely your problem. If they are retail (black label), they will work in any Mac, and the issue would be the disk being scratched, or the optical drive not reading them correctly.

06-07-2010, 04:04 PM
Nope, these are black label DVDS and are not scratched or damaged and they boot from other Macs of different varieties. Software conflict, setting conflict, corrupted preference, etc. etc.??? I am stumped. I am fairly experienced on the Mac platform so I have considered the basics! Wondering if there is something that I have missed. Thanks.

06-07-2010, 05:52 PM
Doesn't the optical drive have to be master to be bootable? It's not set up as slave or cable select is it?

06-07-2010, 06:06 PM
How about running applejack or diskwarrior first .... couldn't hut! Then boot to OEM Apple DU and run preference repairs.
Maybe run a few times.

06-07-2010, 10:19 PM
I'm with Brane. Verify that is jumped to Master.

About all that is left.....that I can think of......beyond the possibility that this drive is simply not bootable. Not all optical drives are Mac bootable. What brand and model optical drive?

06-08-2010, 12:20 PM
The optical drive is looking more and more the suspect problem. Try to determine if this is the problem. This defiantly creates other suggestions/options and closes some. That's trouble shooting at it's best. :D What does the system profiler say about the drives model and firmware revision - Disc burning. Here is what my iMac sez.....


Firmware Revision: Q631
Interconnect: ATAPI
Burn Support: Yes (Apple Shipping Drive)
Cache: 2000 KB
Reads DVD: Yes
CD-Write: -R, -RW
DVD-Write: -R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW
Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO
Media: To show the available burn speeds, insert a disc and choose View > Refresh

06-08-2010, 01:10 PM
Exactly which computer do you have? a G4 is it PCI, AGP speed.


Could it have been a G3 but upgraded to a G4 CPU?