View Full Version : Thank goodness for Time Machine

03-18-2010, 10:31 AM
So I've had this MacBook Pro since the end of August, and Adobe CS4 Master Collection since a week after I got the MacBook.

I've scanned thousands of documents and pictures in that time.

I was busy working the Rodeo the last two weeks of February, so I was away from home and the computer(s).

I went to scan a letter the day before yesterday and suddenly neither of my scanners was in the import menu.

I first copied the TWAIN plug-in from my PSE 8 to the PS and it worked. Then I went about digging in the Time Machine to find what happened and when.

Turns out that a PS update I installed on Valentine's day dumped my TWAIN driver from the plug-ins folder.

Even though the PSE 8 plug-in is just the same and worked fine, I copied the original from the Time Machine and I have my scanners back.

Gotta love OS X!!!!!

03-18-2010, 01:13 PM
I set TimeMachine up a few months back. I've been using SuperDuper and still do each night/also a monthly to another drive. I had plenty of room --FW Drives-- for TM and it does not interfere with my daily activities. Because it is not bootable was the reason I did not use it sooner.

So just in case... it's another type of backup. I did purposely create a file delete it and dug it back out and restored it after a few days - it opened fine.