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01-16-2010, 02:53 PM
Hi All

Im new on these forums hope you can all help.

Im sure you have had this question loads but a reply would be great.

Ive just been given a 12" 1.33ghz Powerbook G4 and im super impressed with it. It blows my Netbook out of the water. Its a amazing machine for something 5 years old, and will become my main carry around laptop.

Anyway because i have fallen for this lovely machine so much i have decided to give it a little upgrade. Ive already upgraded it to Leopard. Im looking to upgrade the RAM to the full 1.25 and put in a larger HD. Please could you look at the links below and check to see if the upgrades i have chosen will be compatable. I believe that they will.



Also, Is there lots of love for these little laptops? And how much longer do you think i will find it useful, i.e will apple stop writing stuff for power pcs soon?

Thank you all very much


01-16-2010, 03:48 PM

Good little machine. Crucial.... Crucial is a reseller not a RAM brand. So Dabs is buying from them and re-reselling. Without knowing which brand RAM they are buying from Crucial it is hard to know whether it is appropriate or risky. Crucial carries mostly Micron when is available - since Crucial is owned by Micron. But no one manufacturer makes and stocks every type of memory. So even Crucial buys from other manufacturers so they can carry everything. Memory for the Powerbook needs to be pretty specific. Over the years we have seen LOTS of stuff that didn't work right. If the Dabs memory is Micron you are probably pretty safe. Anything else and your results may vary.

I am not a big fan of WD 2.5 inch drives. Don't know what other options you might have available. I would look and see if they have a Hitachi ATA drive for you. Since Seagate stopped making ATA drives I have considered the Hitachi the next best choice. Personal preference mostly. You make do with what you can get at a decent price.


01-16-2010, 03:59 PM
Hi Rick

Thank you so much for the quick reply.

Im based here in Ireland and it can be hard to get some stuff here. The Western Digital drive is the largest drive I can find at the best price if that makes sense. Can the 12" G4 use a 320Gb HD?

I will check with the online shop about the memory as well.

Thank you so much, and if you have any other tips on how to make this amazing machine I have even better with upgrades and such I would be very happy.

I really cant see much point in buying a new mac whwn this one runs so well!

Thanks in advance


01-16-2010, 04:25 PM
Sorry one last thing to add and im not sure if i should make a new post for this.

Ive noticed that standard, not HD playback on sites like youtube and Vimeo is really choppy on this 12" is this normal?? Is there a fix?

Thanks again


01-16-2010, 09:30 PM
The memory might help. My dual 1.6GHz Giga in a DA maxed out ram graphics, hard drive was choppy on CNN News clips but most others good. Not a hiccup since my iMac.

Someone with or using a comparable computer should comment on your utube and video stream.

01-17-2010, 09:08 PM
Yes Randy, all machines of this vintage are starting to have issues with current web stuff. Both CPU and video intensive, by todays standards. A shame really, as it will be the end of all older hardware.

Beyond that, the biggest weakness is the age of the HD. Swapping the HD is doable if you are handy and up for a challenge. Here is a great take-apart guide: 12" 1-1.5 G4 Powerbook HD (http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Installing-PowerBook-G4-Aluminum-12-Inch-1-1-5-GHz-Hard-Drive-Replacement/548/1)

Last thing is the optical drive might be bad, or could fail at any time for that vintage machine. Not to worry, you can work around a bad optical drive, as long as watching DVDs is not high on your list of important things to do.