View Full Version : Superdrive replacement for UJ-85 Matsushita??

04-10-2009, 11:22 AM
Is there a Superdrive replacement for the Matsushita UJ-85 OEM in aluminum imacs?

My imac just spent a week in the Apple authorized shop while the tech searched all over for one, other than the outrageously priced Apple OEM model.

The OWC ones he had in stock do not fit the newer imacs, only the white older ones. They fit in the housing, but when installed in the computer, just fall short in allowing the disc to insert far enough to engage the eject mechanism. Misses it by about 1/16". Even OWC is searching for an answer.

Anybody replaced their Superdrive in the NEWER imacs??


04-10-2009, 04:11 PM
Sorry, no.

Sadly, because of the cost of both parts and labor coupled with the complexity of design, I now grudgingly think that Applecare is well worth the cost. for iMacs and all laptops.

These are the only other guys that I know who consistantly sell Mac compatible optical drives:


Think this is only for the earlier white Intel imacs.


Maybe? Better call to see, and they usually don't have low prices IMHO, so may not be any better than Apple.

Save your money and get an external? Not as elegant, but fast, cool, and easy to replace.