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John Blake
02-07-2009, 10:20 AM
This week I had a new logic board installed as a warranty repair on my Mac Pro. I now have two problems that I need advice as to fixing these problems.

1. I cannot access The internet or email from my boot drive. I can,however, access the internet and email by booting up from a disk that contains a backup of my boot drive. I use Super Duper to perform the backups. After examining the network settings on both drives I see that the IP addresses on both drives are different. Are the different IP addresses causing the problem? Do I need the change the IP address on my boot drive to that of my backup drive. If so how do I do that?

2. Photoshop CS3 will not initialize. During the startup process I get an error message "cannot initialize Photoshop because the disk is not available." Cs3 will not initialize from both my boot drive and the backup drive. I downloaded the CS3 upgrade from Adobe's website so I don't have The CS3 upgrade installation disks. I have my CS3 serial number. Am I having a problem initializing CS3 because I now have a new Hardware ID because I have a new logic board? I believe but I'm not certain that CS3 uses the computer's hardware ID as part of an anti software piracy
prevention. I will post this problem of an Adobe forum.

One final note. I did not have any of my original drives in my computer when I took it in for repair. I did this to prevent any possibility of losing any data. My computer had a drive in it that I don't use any more. On that drive I installed Leopard from the installation disks that came with my computer.


John Blake

John Blake
02-07-2009, 11:33 AM
From Adobe Photoshop forum FAQ's.
The disk the error message is referring to is the Scratch disk. To fix the problem,remove the Adobe settings folder from user/library/preferences. Restart Photoshop and new preferences files will be created.

I realize that MacGurus is not a photoshop support forum but the only thing that was different from the last time I opened Photoshop with no problems was have a new logic board installed.


John Blake
02-07-2009, 01:37 PM
Using Super Duper I did a smart update from my backup boot drive(the one that I could get email and surf the internet) to my boot drive. My problem was fixed. I'm a happy camper again! Thank goodness for backing up.


02-07-2009, 04:16 PM

1. check if TCP/IP correctly configured (ie.manual ip if you don't have DHCP-Server or Router running).

2. CS3 generates a checksum, containing informations like Logicboard Serialnumber, amount RAM beeing installed, OS version and other things. So yes, you have to reactivate CS3 due to the new Logicboard, new MacPro Serialnumber. BTW A friend of mine just installed 16GB RAM and the Apple Hardware RAID Card and he has to reactivate as well.