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12-23-2008, 10:00 AM
Can anybody tell me what is the difference is between the two graphics cards for the MacBook Pro ? One is a NVIDIA 8600 and the other is a NVIDIA 9600

Also some machines have 256 meg graphics cards and others have 512 meg graphics carfds.

I am a photographer and don't do 3D or Games on my machine. Just still photography.

Thanks folks
Ed Carreon
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12-23-2008, 04:34 PM
The 9600 is a faster card and of course the more ram the better. You will likely not notice the difference unless you work on really LARGE files and do really intense rendering. If these apply to you, you will want the better card.

Nevertheless, laptops are NOT upgradeable so if you choose the lessor card that is the one you are stuck with until you buy a new Mac. I don't do laptops and recently switched from Mac Towers to the iMac line. They, like laptops are not upgradeable so I bought the biggestbaddeststrongestfastest one that they would sell me for that very reason.

When you buy a non upgradeable machine (and it's in the budget) get the best you can. Not only will it last longer before something better comes along, but the resale value will hold longer as well