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09-30-2008, 09:00 PM
I have had 2 of the 5 bay Burly PM Enclosures for about two and a half years and one of them decided to stop functioning properly this evening. It was up and running with no problem until we had a power outage during a storm. Since all my computers are on UPSs, I wasn't worried about it. After about 5 minutes of the outage, I went through and shutdown all my computers just to be safe. After the power came back on, one of my computers (the one with my 2 enclosures connected) locked up during the Windows Server 2003 bootup. I'll try to provide as many details as I can think of now, but if there is something I have left out, please ask.

If I have it powered on when I turn on my computer, my computer takes a while to get past the prompt to enter the RAID utility for my ESATA card then I get the Windows Server 2003 splash screen but as it is fading in, my computer locks up (I left it sit for over 10 minutes and it still would not boot). If I power off the one enclosure that isn't working, my computer boots up as usual. I tried moving the hard drives from the malfunctioning array to functioning one and all the drives showed up in Windows. I then powered on the malfunctioning array (with no drives) and Windows locked up. After a few minutes, Windows begins to respond again, but the drives in that array are not recognized by Windows. The amber LEDs at the bottom of the enclosure also do not light up on this enclosure.

If I unplug the malfunctioning enclosure from my computer and turn it on (with the drives in), the LCD drive bays come on and display the temp as usual, but when I plug it into the computer, my server locks up again (begins responding again after a couple minutes).

I have tried swapping ESATA cables as well as the ports on my computer and the same enclosure causes my computer to lock up.

As I have a RAID array spread across the drives in both enclosures, I need both of them up and running to access my data so I would like to get this running again.

If anybody has any ideas on what I can try to do to get this working again, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,

10-01-2008, 09:31 AM
I passed on your identical email to Brian, our PC Guru. He will get back to you on what to try and test. We'll help you get back up and running.