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07-13-2008, 03:34 PM
Hi y'all,
Thanks Ricks, for your advice on hard drives for my new MacPro.
I have a question that might confound y'all, and I need advice....

OK, so here's the deal. Photoshop CS4 is coming this fall, and I'm seriously
considering switching to the Windows version and running under Bootcamp
in Vista. Why? It's finally coming in 64 bit, but only for PC! (Thanks, Adobe... :confused: )
Now, I have a pair of 74 gig 10k Raptors that I'm in the process of configuring
in RAID0 for scratch duties. The question is....is it possible to format these
drives so they can be utilized by BOTH Windows and Mac OSX for PS scratch duties?
I'll be running PS3 Mac version now, but really want to try CS4 in Windows when it comes out.
I've got 24 gigs of RAM to give it, and it's too tempting not to.

What do you think? Is there a way to do this? Or would I need to reformat
those drives to make them Windows-specific when the time comes?


07-15-2008, 05:59 AM
What you're basically confronting is the issue of having a HD be RW under both OS X and Windows (BootCamp), setting aside performance issues.

There's some info in this thread about this:


Macdrive on the Windows side with a HD formatted as Mac Extended. Or a drive formatted as NTFS with either NTFS-3G + MacFuse, or NTFS for Mac OS X.

NTFS-3G with MacFuse is free if you want to check it out. Both NTFS for Mac OS X and Macdrive cost. I use NTFS for Mac OS X myself. I can't address whether you take a performance hit under either situation compared to using a "native" format; that is, for example do you get comparible performance with a Mac Extended HD in Windows using Macdrive as you would with an NTFS HD in Windows?

Are you planning BootCamp only, or are you thinking about virtualization as well, i.e. VMWare Fusion or Parallels? With both there are 'shared folders' that are visible on both the Mac and Windows side. With Fusion there's a performance hit, so most people suggest mapping the shared folders to a Windows network drive, which is what I've done. That said, if you're thinking Windows PS with 64-bit b/c of performance, then I suspect you're not planning on using PS in virtualization.

07-22-2008, 04:09 AM
Thanks for the reply! I was despairing over Macdrive, which seemed like the ideal solution until I looked at their website and saw that they didn't support 64 bit versions of Windows. But I just checked and it seems the latest version now supports Vista 64! So I'll definitely be giving that a try when PS4 is released.
With the work I do (motion picture visual effects) big files are the norm, and with 16 bit images being typical (and 32 bit .exr files not uncommon either) RAM is, and has always been, the limiting factor in PS performance. So I can't wait to throw all 24 gigs of RAM in my system at images.

Thanks again!