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03-19-2008, 06:52 PM
I have two Sonnet enclosure (http://www.sonnettech.com/product/fusiond500p-eseries.html)s and use the STATA E4P host card (http://www.sonnettech.com/product/tempo_sata_e4p.html). Each enclosure is a RAID 0 and then they mirror each other. I shut down my system, pulled out 2 drives in enclosure A, put two new drives in the empty bays of enclosure A and created a RAID 0 with the new drives. I pulled out the old drives to be sure I was grabbing only the new ones in Disk Utility. I then shut down, put the old drives back in and restarted. The new RAID mounted but the old (mirrored) RAID won’t. All the drives show they are online in Disk Utility yet I can’t mount them. I have updated the latest firmware for the host card. I’ve attached screen shots from my Disk Utility... It shows disk 9 as unmounted and when I run Verify and Repair I get “invalid B-tree node size”.

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

03-25-2008, 05:28 PM
Leopard's Disk Utility seems a bit buggy to me on G4 Macs. It often stalled on me even trying just to partition -- no RAID.

I had better luck with 10.4's Disk Utility.

Might try booting from a 10.4 DVD and using Disk Utility to set up the RAID there. Then boot back to Leopard to see if the RAID mounts there without issue.