View Full Version : LC-LC connectors...

02-02-2008, 04:58 PM
I am looking at a possible install of an xserve in the following config:
my machine: Mac Pro quad with a 2gb Dual fibre card.
Other guy's: Dual G5 with a 2gb Dual card

The thought is that we can install an Xserve, then each run a fiber line to it to share storage directly from our cards. I have seen 300ft. fiber cable from a couple of companies that have what they call LC-LC connections....more specifically "Gefen CAB-LC-300 4 Strand LC-LC Fiber Optic Link - 300 Foot Cable".

We would each buy one of these (distance between offices...). Would this type of link allow us to share the server storage and what kind of speed hinderances/advantages would we have?
Thanks for any advice in advance......