View Full Version : Any Updates on Areca card?

01-24-2008, 09:16 AM

Do you have any updates on the Areca card for PCIe Macs? The card in Raid 5 would be ideal for my needs, and I need to purchase something within a month. A possibility or no?


Drew Harty

01-24-2008, 10:17 AM
We're still deep in testing with a pair of Areca cards that offer amazing speeds, well over 600 MB/s with 8 drives in RAID 5. The only holdup is a performance dip that occurs at random intervals. The I/O performance will maintain 600+ MB/s but it will occasionally dip to 100 MB/s then pop right back up to full speed. So far we haven't been able to determine if it's actually a problem with the card or the testing software since we can duplicate the effect with other hardware.

We just started testing with drives from a different manufacturer to rule out the issue being caused by a particular drive. It seems the issue lies with the card or perhaps the test utility itself. We would like to work the problem out before we offer the product. Areca US and their Taiwan engineering departments are all involved in solving these issues. I expect a solution shortly and at that point we'll build up a Beta unit to test in an HD editing environment. I fully expect it to be able to edit 2K without a problem.

This will provide a low cost, high performance RAID 5 solution particularly suited for video editing on both the Mac and PC. The GUI is very easy to use and configuring a RAID is but a few steps. We've tested it with the latest generation of both Hitachi and Seagate drives, each providing excellent performance results.

As always, MacGurus tests and evaluates any new product until it meets our rigid standards. As soon as we get this issue resolved we'll offer an amazing video storage solution that will rival any other and best them in price. I hope to have the card certified and up for sale very shortly, preferably within your timetable.

Stay tuned.