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01-04-2008, 07:23 AM
Hi guys,

I have a configuration question fro a new Mac Pro. I have only had Macís for about a year and am still learning the system to a large degree. Mac Pro is a few weeks old, Dual 2.66 intel, 5gb ram, one 250gb hard drive with everything on it (applications, user and I am the only user, system files etc), one additional 250gb drive with nothing on it at this point. I am a photographer and have just ordered an enclosure, containing 2 500gb drives, one used for in progress photoshop files and one used as a back up. Additionally, I have a 1TB drive installed in the enclosure for a second back up that will be stored off site and brought back in on a regular basis to back up the 500gb second drive in the enclosure.

I donít really save a lot of files to my installed drives (Mac Pro now). I have been saving to external firewires up to this point, since I have been working solely off a Mac Book Pro until I got the tower a couple of weeks ago. My thought has always been keep the MBP hard drive with as much free space as possible and to not store files on the MBP hard drive any longer than absolutely necessary (I also ingest files to a bus FW 800 drive at the same time as they come into the MBP)

Here is my question, what to do with the second, at this point empty 250gb hard drive in the Mac Pro. My thoughts are to assign a portion of it for PS scratch, and another portion of it either as a back up to the main installed HD or moving some files, system, and applications for example to the remainder of the installed second 250 and making a back up of drive 1 on an external FW drive or in the enclosure, which will have two open bays at this point, since the TB drive is taken off site for storage.

Input is appreciated and everyone was really helpful in helping me with designing the back up enclosure system, that is on the way.

Other info., I just got Synchronize Pro X, havenít used it yet, I use PS2, files are generally not super large, less than 1gb, and I am not very familiar with moving critical files from one drive to another. Basically I would need a resource, article, book etc. (for dummies) on moving important stuff so I wonít mistakenly delete my working hard drive, or blow up my new machine.

Thanks, Jeff

01-04-2008, 01:02 PM
Here is my question, what to do with the second, at this point empty 250gb hard drive in the Mac Pro.If you don't already you should keep a relatively clean backup of your OS just in case your main OS freaks out on a simple install or 3rd party software/hardware or another quirk - ya never know. I keep one a few updates old just in case I need to revert back.

01-05-2008, 10:50 AM
Thanks RWM,

I ended up partitioning the second drive for PS Scratch, a bootable back up of my OS and the remainder for file storage, etc.

I finally used Synchronize Pro X and made a bootable back up of my main HD, backed it up to the partition on the second drive and tried it out. Booted up no problems from the bootable back up partition on the second drive.