View Full Version : PCI, AGP, hacked cards for MDD on Leopard?

10-30-2007, 02:54 PM
Hi folks. I feel encouraged with some info I have found, but also feel a little like I am swimming through Pea soup, not seeing clearly ahead.

I found a site with flashing tips, here:

I was reading that some are reporting Leopard is not working with PCI graphics cards but that there may be a way around this problem. I still don't have a card to play with. I have the stock ATI (9000?) card on the MDD.

It has been a shelved priority but I still need to revisit it at some point (getting a better card for the MDD). Perhaps I should just dig in on those forums and ask there. But as Gurus has been so helpful for so long, does anyone here have any feedback about what works on the MDD, and what doesn't with Leopard?

Yes I know, an older Mac card would be a good bet and I would love to know about those also. It is just the principle that I enjoy, not paying full price for updated technology - "I-F" - it can be flashed or hacked.

FWIW I am sitting with Tiger for now, not feeling like early adopting this time around.


10-30-2007, 06:29 PM

So far I think only eric has a Leopard report. I purchased the Leopard Family Pack which has not arrived yet for my G5, GigaMDD, and iBook G4. So it will be awhile before I have something to add about the MDD. k