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10-28-2007, 11:39 PM
I got the single core 1.8g G5 now, only one internal 160gb hard drive though. I learned my lesson once though and will now get a second internal Sata drive and make sure I back up at least weekly. I bought this computer on ebay used, it seems pretty stock. the internal drive now is a Seagate model# ST3160023AS.

I want to get another drive and am thinking about getting a Sata II 3.0gb/s either a 160gb or 250 perhaps. My main question is, will I benefit from this improved drive? I would think yes, but is there some limitation with my motherboard that would keep me from not getting better performance than what I am getting now with a 150gb/s and lower cache drive.

I'd ideally like to make the newer one the boot drive and use the 160gb to backup files to. Any thoughts Gurus. My mac is the pci-x version with 8 ram slots, as per your recommendation (for an older g5 anyway.)

Ok I did my homework and Rick answered a lot of this earlier, of course. He said:

" SATAI bus at 150 MB/sec is still faster by a bunch than any current drive is mechanically capable of. Todays fastest 7200 RPM drive are just pushing over 70 MB/sec, it really matters not at all whether they are on a SATAI or SATAII bus, they will still give you 70ish MB/sec."

With that known now, what SHOULD I be looking for when buying a new hd for this specific computer?
Is it Cache size, Rpms's etc etc? I Would think I should definitely stay in the 7200 and 16mb range at a min.
Any help appreciated.

10-29-2007, 09:32 AM
Best quality hands down is Seagate and Rick says the latest revision is a real speed demon. Seagate traditionally has been the highest quality but not the quietest drive and (off and on) not the fastest.

Hitachi comes highly recommended around here as well.

10-29-2007, 09:32 PM
What are you using or doing with the drives? Get drives to match your needs. Gaming, 3D Cad or big PShop CS 2/3 work. ;) or Word Processing, email, small photo resizing editing, using multiple pages when surfing and iTunes playing to a CNN News clip. I am more the second one a heavy home user is what I call myself. I am happy and do fine with Seagate's I bought my first 120GB about 2 years ago and just this summer a 500GB they are both in external case and with a loley QS/867 via FW400 the 500GBer seemed to max FW's speed out see this QBench test. The drive is much faster than the test scores because of FW limitations. Be nice to test it on FW800. :( Next computer.

I use a 74GB Raptor as a boot drive and can feel it but don't think I'd miss it. Seagate usually is in the "above average" when comparing drives and Seagate has a longer warranty than most. But yes there are cooler, faster, quieter. This data base (http://www.macgurus.com/raid/raidmain.php) might help.

10-30-2007, 04:47 PM
I am a home user with not so demanding needs. We are having a baby in Jan, so I'll be transfering some DV to FCP, burning some dvd's. Not lots of realtime effects I'm sure, nothing too strenuous. Some Photoshop editing, and the occasional Protools edit, again, nothing hardcore, I can work around my DSP usage and bounce down effects and commit to tracks rather than run lots of realtime stuff.

I found someone selling a Western digital WD1200js 120gb sata II drive for 30$ cash. Unopened in the static bag. Hooked it up last night and seems to work like a charm. I transferred a 1 gb file in about 30 second, maybe less, but certainly fast enough to do what I'm doing, it's for backup.
Thanks for the input fellas.


10-30-2007, 05:11 PM
That should work fine. Sounds like you don't need speedsters. As for the DVD burning they can write/burn so fast anyway. Slower than the drives. ;) Nice choice.