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09-14-2007, 04:07 PM

This is my first time to post here;) I want to ask for your suggestions regarding hardrive set-up for video editing using Final Cut Express in my MacPro plus general computing tasks.

Currently it has the stock 250 GB and I added another 250 GB as clone drive.

Now I just received 3X 500 GB SATA drives. What could be the best possible set-up? Presently I am thinking of this set-up:

1X 500 GB as bootdrive with all applications and data and everything.
1X 500 GB as bootable back-up to the main boot drive (I will place this on the lower DVD drive bay and use the SATA port on the motherboard)
2X 250 GB as RAID 0 as scratch disk for video capture
1X 500 GB to store all my media files (video projects on progress)

What other set-up can you suggest? My main use for this MacPro is for FCE. Thank you.


09-14-2007, 04:21 PM
I would not recommend buying the MaxUpgrades kit to add drives to the optical drive bays. The one they sent me interferes with the top optical drive from opening and closing.

Getting at the two SATA ports is darn hard! sweaty work, too.

A balanced symmetrical memory configuration of 4 x 1GB or 4 x 2GB is ideal and recommended.

X1900 XT obviously as well.

I tend to avoid putting anything on the boot drive except for the OS and applications.

External eSATA for backup, storage, and media, and for a copy or two of the OS (one working copy, and one for emergency or prior version). FW800 or even 400 is fine for keeping a copy of the OS.

Is a stripped array of just two drives going to be fast enough? large enough?

Also, if you want best performance, the newest high-density 750GB drives are nice.

Be sure that your drives support RAID, along with being exactly same model. I found that of three Maxtor MaxLine Pros, one had "erratic" I/O pattern (using HD Tune to test, you could also use Intech SpeedTools's ZoneBench as well). Not a good candidate for RAID. I went ahead and zeroed the drive (took 2 hrs and was able to zero three drives concurrently).

I might consider - if you get a drive and cable to DVD bay - to boot from there and use the rest as 4 x 500 for scratch and work. And all backups on FW or eSATA.

09-14-2007, 04:33 PM
Welcome motoko

I would not personally add more drives inside a MacPro than Apple designed for. Problem is heat. Excessive amount of. The only thing of irreplaceable value on a computer is your data, putting it on drives in not very well engineered locations is a sure way to lose some.

Far better to plan future expansion into enclosures that are designed as life support for the drives. That way you get longest drive longevity and security for you data.

Whatever you plan the most important thing is your backup. For every drive you install, install a second drive for a backup. That is the only real safeguards you have.


09-14-2007, 10:29 PM
Thank you TZ and ricks for the tips.


I ordered the MacPro with 4 GB RAM installed. The 3X 500 GB SATA drives I bought were Samsung SATA drives. I'll follow your suggestions to keep my boot drive for OS and applications alone.


Thanks for the back-up reminder. I do back-up my files regularly on multiple firewire drives.

So based on your suggestions I will just do the following set-up:

1X 250 GB Boot drive with OS and applications only
1X 250 GB Data only
1X 500 GB FCE Scratch Disc
1X 500 GB FCE project files

I will then put the other 500 GB SATA in an external enclosure as back-up to the FCE project files.


09-16-2007, 08:17 PM
Thank you ricks and TZ. I'll keep in mind all your suggestions and tips.

OT: Why is it that my previous reply here is not yet posted?