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09-12-2007, 04:16 PM
Here's a question I'm hoping members here can help me with.

Over the last few years I've gone from a standard HTML web site to a PHP site, then a Flash site. The prepared images were color corrected, converted to an ICC profile (currently the v2 sRGB profile (http://www.color.org/srgbprofiles.xalter)), resized, sharpened as needd, then uploaded to my site.

For an HTML gallery, typically made in Photoshop, the images displayed nicely, and correctly.

For a PHP gallery like this one (http://www.chrisbrownphoto.com/galleries/index.php?dir=./People), the thumbnails and larger gallery images do not have the ICC profile embedded, nor do they have the qualities of sharpness I originally intended. If you click on the gallery image, the source image pops up which displays correctly. I understand that this is caused by Image Magick or other scripts used to manipulate the images.

For my current site (http://www.chrisbrownphoto.com/) the sharpness is retained, but not the color quality -- the ICC profile is somehow stripped from the image when the Flash script makes each gallery page.

Does anyone know know other Flash or PHP scripts that accomodate ICC profiles? Or perhaps someone knows the mod I need to make to my scripts.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!