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08-20-2007, 06:57 PM
Hi all

I have a blue and white that I have plans for and need some info. It is definitely a Rev 1 with the flaky ATA chip so I know that some (very few) bigger drives will work and most will not. But I don't know which is which... speed is NOT important

Question 1

I want to use the following

Seagate 7200.9 Cuda model ST3802110A

Will it work on the main ATA bus or not? If not then will it work on the DVD ATA cable?

Question 2

Will my Firmtek 1ve 2+2 SATA card work in this B&W? It is PCIX. I am aware that it would run slow due to the PCI bus if it does work. Also If it works is it bootable?

Some history if anybody wants to know (Long like Tolstoy)

I plan to make a Network Storage unit out of this and put it and a bunch of drives in the utility room where i don't have to listen to it run. Currently it has a Rage 128 video card, 384MB ram, a UL2D scsi card and a G4 500 processor. It boots from a 15K Cheetah and has a 10k 74 gig cheetah for storage but I plan to use the many hard drives I have laying around to get up near a TB of total storage. I also plan to get a Gigabit network card for it. What brought this on was firewire external hard drives being unreliable. My kids have a Mini and with no other option I bought a Granite firewire bridge but the drive keeps dropping off the desktop I am hoping to have better luck with a NAS server. If it works out well then my next Mac will likely be an iMac

08-20-2007, 09:22 PM
On the 7200.9 the answer is definitely NO. You cannot use those new fangled ATA drives whatsoever. Get a SIIG or Sonnet ATA card. Better yet get a Sonnet ATA, FW and USB card and improve everything.

The Seritek will work fine. Will work even better in the 66 MHz graphics slot. Fast bugger there. Gotta get older SATA drives to work with it though. (if you need em I have some Hitachi 250s that will work fine with that card)


08-21-2007, 06:19 AM
For this project PCI slots are at a premium...

In order to use my 7 scsi drives (200 gigs total) I need the UL2D and I need a Graphics card. I need the Seritek for big SATA and I need a gigabit network card so I experience as little frustration as possible at the speed. That's all four slots right there and no room for the ATA card. That's ok though because I only have the one ATA drive. Firewire will likely not be used at all and USB only for the Apple keyboard and mouse.

Thanks for the offer on the drives but I already have 4 drives on the Seritek working fine. 200gig WD, 160gig Seagate, 74gig Raptor and a 150gig raptor.

About that 66mhz slot.....

Correct me if I am wrong but the B&W has 33mhz 64bit slots and one 66mhz/32bit slot.... a 64 bit card in a 33mhz/64bit slot should run the same speed as the same card in a 66mhz/32 bit slot. 64@33 = 32@66 Is there something I'm missing? The graphics slot is twice as fast and half as wide. So if the card can use all 64 bits of the slower slot shouldn't I save the 32/66 slot for a 32 bit card?

08-21-2007, 06:39 AM
ATTO warned against using anything but a 66MHz card in that slot. The reason I got the Adaptec 39160 which is 66/33MHz dual capable. Get away from the limited I/O on the other side of the PCI bridge that limits you to 53MB/sec writes.

Seritek works there too.

The new 750GB WD Caviar is fast enough to keep up or beat the pants off 10K Raptor. Maybe you can consolidate and retire two drives and put some 500GB SATA units in.

08-21-2007, 06:49 AM
So the PCI limitations are only on the 33mhz slots? hmmmm...

I have no need for hard drive speed in this venture and I have close to a terabyte of hard drives laying around here.... There will only be 2 Macs accessing this box and usually not at the same time

So far the only thing I had to buy to get this done was a gigabit network card. The onboard NIC works fine but the new NIC was only $13.50, money well spent for the network speed increase

For some reason I am getting NO speed at all out of my scsi bus. 9 MB a sec, don't know why yet. Same rig that was peaking around 500MB a sec on the UL4D but now running on a UL2D. I have a second UL2D around here I might try if I can find it.

08-24-2007, 09:18 PM
Well the GigaNIC is in and I just streamed a 1080P HD movie trailer across my network! Sweet.

The gigaNIC is a realtek chipset and came with the following installation instructions

The installation steps is as following:
1, Install the net card to the computer main knothole PCI slot,than restart the computer, the system hints to find out the new hardware;
2, The choice" from the row form or specify the position gearing( high class)( S)",Click the " next move", Choose the catalogue of drive the procedure, for example, if the fruit of your CD dish sign is a F,drive the path of the procedure is:

3, click the " next move" to start install the net card to drive;
4, click the " still continue( C)" to continue to install the net card to drive, system
The gearing completes the gearing that the future reunion hints to complete the new hardware;
5, click the " complete" button and you can enjoy thousand poles of the trillion network conjunctions then soon.

Word for word I swear! Spacing, spelling grammer and punctuation are all exactly as they appear in these instructions, I can scan it if necessary. Oh yeah the pages were out of order as well (1 2 ? ? 3)

Also my scsi speed issues are sorted out... sort of. Here's some info that if you need to know it you probably do already and if you don't know it you likely will not EVER need this info. But I am typing it anyway so there!

10.4 has a crappy and perhaps incorrect driver for the Apple OEM UL2D. You will max out at 9MB a second no matter what.

The 2940U2B will NOT boot or even see a scsi drive if it sets in the 66mhz slot.

The UL2D will boot from the 66mhz slot and run at the above mentioned 9MB a sec

The 2940 will boot in a 33mhz slot and reads 50MB a sec and writes 35MB a sec. (X15 cheetah)

If you change cards or even move the same card from one slot to the next the mac loses its startup disk preference and will NOT boot no matter how long you wait for it to find a system. This requires booting from a DVD and selecting a startup disk

A realtek NIC card will hang on large transfers in the 66mhz slot

So I have just spent a LONG time watching a mac boot over and over and over.