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04-21-2007, 09:05 AM
I need to buy a new monitor to add to my four-year-old Apple Studio Display. I want a dual-monitor setup for retouching photographs in Aperture. The Studio Display is the 17" model with the fat, clear plastic bezel. Its bulb must be going, because it is yellowing in a way that can't quite be calibrated (anyone got ideas to resolve that?!), so I need the new monitor to accurately retouch photographs.

I bought and returned a 20" widescreen Samsung SyncMaster 206bw. I looked great in the store, but its colors shifted dramatically with every little movement of my head, especially when dimming the screen below its native blinding brightness. Also when dimming, the edges dimmed rapidly, leaving a bright spot in the middle. Other examples of the same model at the store proved to have the same flaws. In comparison, my old Studio Display has an incredibly wide field of view, no shift of color at even the lowest levels of contrast, and perfectly uniform backlighting at all levels.

Is this why people pay the big bucks for Apple monitors, or is there a less expensive monitor to suit my needs? I know CRTs are good for color, but flat panel LCDs are easier on my eyes.

04-21-2007, 09:14 AM
Apple 20" $599
Apple 23" Cinema HD $899

Very happy with 'em! but I don't work like you do with Aperture.

I was expecting there might have been something new from Apple by now. Maybe later besides lowering price $100.