View Full Version : SATA RAID vs NAS RAID

03-30-2007, 08:05 AM
I find the Infrant Ready NAS NV+ to be very appealing for many reasons, one big one being that it has a built in server. However I'm quite concerned about the transfer speeds. I know its a lot faster to go with a SATA RAID, but what are my options for a small inexpensive server then?

Does anyone have any recommendations?

How much slower is NAS than SATA?

03-30-2007, 10:16 AM
Not a simple one to answer, as there are several varibles.

NAS is dedicated file sharing, so you have the same set of questions, basically. Network performance, file sharing protcol performance (AFP, SMB, NFS, etc.) plus the read/write performance of the drive(s), and in this case the read/write performance of a RAID controller, plus the NAS device/OS itself.

In a perfect world, all NAS devices would have the same throughput as a simple file server, which is generally limited by network speeds in most cases. Given enough bandwidth in your network, you should be able to get very near to local disk speeds.....so if your network is up to it, you are down to the performance of the NAS itself as the likley speed bottleneck.

I do remember digging through the forums a while back for device in question, and there was some thoughput limitations for Macs/AFP. The good news was, both some savvy customers and the vendorss seemed to be working dilgently to resolve the issue. You should ckeck in and see what they are up to these days, and how successful they were. At the time, there was some good bench marking going on, so you could see exactly what you should expect.