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12-30-2006, 12:37 PM
Recently purchased a beautiful, brand new, MacBookPro. Want to get my Eudora maiboxes with the mail in them and my email address book from Eudora on my old G4 to Apple Mail on my new MacBookPro.

Tried the import function in the Apple Mail program but did not get the mail that was in the boxes Got the boxes though) in the Eudora program. Hoping to avoid tab delimeted, cut and paste exercise and .txt file of the mail that was stored in the boxes.

Found Andreas Amann's Mail Scripts 2.7.11 Archive Messages (Mail)

* Move messages from the selected mailbox(es) to an archive mailbox or export them to standard mbox, plain or rich text files for backup purposes or import into other applications. You can select to move all messages or only messages sent within or certain period as well filter messages based on their read and flagged status. "Export" leaves the messages in the mailboxes and generates text files in a location you can select.

And also her Eudora vCard Export 1.2.4

Eudora vCard Export is a simple drag'n'drop application which provides easy one-step conversion of Eudoras nicknames to individual vCard files. Nicknames marked as "Do not include this nickname when syncing" in Eudora will be skipped during import.

The program has only been tested converting files from Eudora 5.1 (OS X). Your mileage may vary for different versions...
Known Limitations

* Some programs only support a limited subset of the vCard specification (e.g., the MacOS X Address Book does not support multiple addresses for a contact) it may thus appear that information has been lost.
* The "Photo" pane of Eudora nicknames will be ignored.
* Since mailing lists (i.e., nicknames which will expand to multiple e-mail addresses) are not supported by the vCard standard, they will skipped upon import. For importing all your group information into the MacOS X Address Book, you might want to take a look at Eudora Mailbox Cleaner, another freeware application I wrote.

Program Usage

* Open the program directly from the Finder and set your preferred sort order ("First Last" or "Last, First") and name format.
* For a conversion of all your nicknames, drag your "Eudora Folder" onto the program's icon in the Finder. You can also convert individual files/folders by dropping them onto the Converter (folders will be scanned recursively for files contained in them).
* All nicknames will be converted to *.vcf files which will be stored inside a folder called "Contacts" located on your Desktop (if a folder named "Contacts" already exists, a new folder "Contacts-1", "Contacts-2", ... will be created).
* Drag the *.vcf files to another program or the "Contacts" folder of your iPod for import into these applications.

The descriptions of both these scripts actions lead me to believe that I will not have what I started with in Eudora and infact have alot of work to do to get back to a functioning, emailing, working human being.

Any way to do this without having to re-enter all my contacts and to retain my archived email?

Suggestions greatly appreciated. I refer back to this old email frequently for proofs of ads and finals sent to publications.

Thansk so much in advance,
Sharon Garland
Garland Graphics

12-30-2006, 02:36 PM
I use and like Eudora too. Looks like you did your homework. A few years ago --still OS 9-- I tried to switch over via importing to Apple's mail. :rolleyes: Take a look right here (http://www.macgurus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15976) it is old but might have something in it.

I am still using Eudora's OS X's newest paid version. I don't know how the new Intel DuoCore's and Eudora will mix.

12-31-2006, 07:16 AM
OK I think I may try the script I mentioned in my original post.
Thanks for you input.
Happy New Year

12-31-2006, 07:58 AM
Recently purchased a beautiful, brand new, MacBookPro. Want to get my Entourage maiboxes/folders along with the mail in them and my Entourage email addresses from Entourage on my old G4 to Apple Mail on my new MacBookPro.

Since I had Apple Mail on an old G4 too, I thought I would transfer the data from Entourage to Mail on the G4 first then use Migration Assitant on the MacBookPro to bring Mail over from the G4 to the New MacBookPro. So I tried the import function in the Apple Mail program but did not get the mail that was in the Entourage boxes/folders (Got the boxes/folders though). Hoping to avoid tab delimited, cut and paste exercise for the email addresses and .txt files of the email that was stored in the boxes/folders. Is there any way to go from Microsoft Entourage mail program to Apple Mail program?

Thanks in advance,

12-31-2006, 12:19 PM
Please pardon, when I originally posted I inadvertently used the name Eudora when what I meant was Entourage. I apologize for the confusion and beg leniency. Apparently I do this type of thing frequently, according to my family. I know what I mean, why doesn't everyone else?
At any rate my current email program is Entourage and I want to go to Mail. Looks like a pain either way. I wanted to use that script I found and mentioned in my original post but have some hesitation. Has anyone ever used it?
Think I should just use Entourage on my shinning new MacBookPro and be done with it?
Thansk for patience, you too will be older one day.