View Full Version : Adobe Lightroom Beta 4 on MacPro Tips and questions

10-01-2006, 09:04 AM
Hi there

I'm running Adobe Lightroom Beta 4 on OSX 10.4.8 on a MacPro 3GHz with 4 Gb RAM and 2 Raptor 150 Boot Raid (+1 500GB factory Drive +300Gb Maxtor).

Now I noticed a significant perofmance improvement running Adobe Lightroom if you move the Lightroom managed images folder away from the partition you have Lightroom installed on. I my case I have all applications installed on my boot drive (raptor striped RAID), and even though the striped RAID should be somewhat faster than my other two single drives, moving that folder off to the 500GB drive resulted in far better perceived performance in Lightroom.

Especially browsing the Picture Library (in my case 40'000 RAW and PSD files between 10Mb and 400Mb is now considerably faster. Develoing speed is pretty much the same.

As an additional information I have to say that all Images imported in Lightroom are referenced in their original location and NOT imported in the Lightroom database. This bear the advantage to be able to use large FW800 Drives for storage as your image collection grows.

One has to add that (unlike beta 3) Lightroom now creates subfolders in that "managed images folder" in much the same way as your images in their original location are organised. So unlike beta 3, this folder shoud be dedicated to Lightroom, and not contain any "original" image files that you copied there.

As to my question: I am curious to have other MacPro users impressions and experience on using Lightroom on the Intel architecture, since I must admit that I'm not blown away by the performance of the MacPro over the PowerPC Quad I had before. (I know Lightroom is still beta, but it is UB) and felt quite similar in perceived performance on my PowerPC Quad. Any ideas?