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09-25-2006, 01:31 PM
I am a photographer. There is a large project coming up that will last a year and end up being several thousand hi resolution images. Some images 112mb, some 30mbs. Is there a way to create a server that people can upload and download large images and preview thumbnails of the images?

09-25-2006, 05:48 PM
upload and download from the web? If so you would need a very fast connection and so would they. If it will be all network based then that isn't a concern.

How many images will be going up/down at the same time? If you have many ppl all hitting the server at the same time then you will need a really fast raid to keep up

As for server software a simple FTP server would do it but depending on your needs you might need a bigger/ better server. Do you need logins and accounts for the users? Security?

09-25-2006, 06:16 PM
Appreciate your response.
This is really for one project. After this project is over I would probably use the system as some kind of storage.

There is only one client. One person accessing it at a time, however they would need a password. They wouldn't be downloading tons of images. However over the next six months, we will need to store several thousand images ranging from 30mb to 112mb.
Ideally I would like the client to be able to browse through the different images (categories, days) and then have the ability to download an FPO image or a high res image. Also, there are three photographers working on this job from two studios. I need to be able to consolidate images on a daily basis to one unified location. I was thinking someway the other studio can upload overnight all the images they shot.

My normal course of action is to either give clients a CD or DVD or Hard Drive depending on the amount of work. Because this job spans six months with many images, I don't want the client to shuffle through 30 DVD's trying to figure out what is where. Also , I don't really want a hard drive going back and forth not being sure what they have.

Right now, it sounds like the portable hard drive will be my only option, however I am willing to invest is something that will make me look better.
Any suggestions are welcomed.