View Full Version : 16 bit file slower on CS2 than CS?

08-11-2006, 05:15 PM
So I am working on Quad with 10gb ram, 100% assingned to Photoshop CS2 and sctrach consisting of 6x36gb Atlas 15KII's in a RAID 0. Using the work/scrach method. I have a 16bit file that I has about 20 layers in a group consisting of about half adjustment layers and the other half parts of the image. None of those layers are solid layers. Photoshop says the scratch size is 2.77gb. The file size is actually around 510mb. When I just try to lower the opacity of the group, I get the spinning beach ball, and it take about 17 sec to take effect. So I tried this same thing on my Dual 2ghz and it was even slower. Then I tried this same file on my dual 2ghz but with CS, and the opacity work instantly. I do not have a copy of CS on my Quad, but I am assuming that this is a CS/CS2 issue. I have looked trough all of the speed test and have seen that CS2 is actually faster than CS, but it seems like it may not be true for 16bit files.

08-17-2006, 10:34 AM
Steve, I tried something similar (16 bit 586MB file 21 layers with half of those adjustment layers, 20 layers grouped together as one group, then changed the opacity of the group).

I had no problems; there was maybe a one second delay at most.
CS2 on a Quad, 16GB RAM