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06-27-2006, 01:29 PM
I have a Quad 2.5 with 10gb of ram, WD Raptor for boot drive, and a second drive that came with the computer for storage. I also have the ATTO UL5D and 6 x 36gb Cheetah 15k.3's striped in a RAID 0 using SoftRaid. I happen to have two 36gb Atlas 15k III's laying around. I recently read the updated photoshop acceleration pdf, and I saw that they recommended using an extra drive and moving your user directory to that drive. I usually work on files that can get up to 2gb, with 100 or more layers. So I was just wondering how much of speed gain can you get from moving the user directory to another drive? I am a little leery of moving all of that stuff around just to test and find out that maybe I save a second or two when using the 1g test file.

06-27-2006, 01:50 PM
Do you happen to have 150GB Raptor? How full is it?

Your work files that you are touching up in Photoshop, should be copied TO your scratch volume while working. And stored some where other than boot volume as you save a copy.

CS2 always use the boot drive for some temp files no matter what. The idea is to keep the boot drive clean and not have a lot of other files and data on it.

You could use the Atlas drives for something else. A RAID is a RAID and needs to be backed frequently and regularly and isn't necessary usually for home directory.

If you have 30-35GB for home directory, you could, and it probably would make your system snappy and feel faster. A fast good 7.2k SATA drive should be very adequate though and no need to use a pair of 15K drives.

There are a lot of reasons to keep /Users off boot drive. Makes it easier to maintain the system and restore it if/when necessary. Also makes it easy to backup your home directory and keep all your library stuff there. If you only have 10GB

OS X is almost always reading and writing to your home directory as well as the boot drive. Use your 2nd drive for your heavy or large files. Keep the boot drive clean. I assume you have the 150GB Raptor which should be fine. Having 30GB of movie, music etc would probably not be a good idea on the boot drive.

You should also always have two backups at any given time at a minimum.

Keeping "home" on another drive is just a matter of copying files and folders, then changing the path in Netinfo Manager, and a restart. It is not a big deal or hard, and at least you have the original. (I do not subscribe to or use a symbolic link on the boot drive to point to the 2nd "/Users" drive, I just use NIM and leave a small home folder "just in case" on boot drive (100MB of email and web, preferences).

PS: You could put this in your user hardware profile so it is always there:
G5 Quad, 10GB RAM, Raptor UL5D