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05-13-2006, 08:14 AM
Hello Again,

I am working my way into the world of separate HD for booting and users/applications.

So far it seems to be working fine, even though I am waiting to learn how to symlink the root (boot) application folder.

The only problem I am having is not being able to install Photoshop CS2. I have installed successfully the entire suite CS, but when I try to install Photoshop CS2 (purchased separately) it seraches for suitable Install HD and then tells me "Adobe Photoshop CS2 cannot be installed on this computer. Could not find specified message for index 21". Any suggestions before I call Adobe?

Back to my original subject:

It is recommended to repair permissions before and after installing software and updates. How should I do that, now that my OS is on the boot drive (which can be reapaired) but my third party applications are installed on the users drive (which doesn't seem to be possible to repair permissions with disk utility, probably cause it doesn't have an OS installed)

How do you guys deal with this?



05-13-2006, 08:43 AM
I've heard it is problematic to try to symlink and 'move' the Applications folder from it's default location and then install third-party apps on the Users drive- especially the complicated ones. Most of us leave Applications in the default location. Many Apple apps require it for proper operation and updating. I would suggest trying to install the Adobe suite at /Applications on the Startup volume.

You can only repair permissions on a volume containing a bootable system.

Not sure why Creative Suite is having a problem installing. If Users is moved properly, there should be no problem installing any application on the Startup system volume with the Applications folder in the default location.

Edit: Ok I see you are following Damien's excellent primer on symlinking the Apps folder. He will know the exact ins and outs of this procedure.

05-13-2006, 09:53 AM
If you have MacFixit Pro subscription, there is a good series on 'Repairing Permissions' but if an application didn't use the Apple package installer, and doesn't have anything in /Receipts there is nothing to do.

If there were drivers or extensions or items installed in /Library - probably (things like Flash etc).

If you can 'drag install' an application, you can put it anywhere. Otherwise, default.

I've tried keeping all 3rd party over on a /Users drive, to make it easy to backup, and to keep the OS/Apps drive free of extras (iLife added about 8GB it seems).