View Full Version : Mac Book Pro less than a month away.

01-26-2006, 09:45 AM
One concern for high end users is the lack of firwire 800. Help may be on the way in a faster, better solution sooner than expected:

MacBook Pro: FireWire 800 cards for ExpressCard/34 slot on the way

We previously reported that Apple has opted to omit the FireWire 800 port from its new MacBook Pro line. We also noted that various firms already offer ExpressCard FireWire 800 adapters, but there's a catch -- so far the cards are only available in the 54 mm ExpressCard standard, not the 34 mm standard Apple uses.

We've now received anonymous word from a major peripheral manufacturer indicating that FireWire 800 cards for the ExpressCard/34 slot are on the way.

The firm told MacFixIt:

"We do not have an estimated release date, but we are currently working on a couple of ExpressCard solutions (1394b being one of them). We, like other companies have an ExpressCard/54 cards and all we need to do is down-size them into the ExpressCard/34 form factor

"We expect to begin testing our cards within the next 2-3 weeks, and if all goes well, we could see production no long afterwards."

If/when the product ships, it will be interesting to see what the throughput is.