View Full Version : Nice article, still longs way to go for MacIntel

01-23-2006, 04:44 PM

When CEO Steve Jobs announced this month that Apple Computer Inc. would immediately begin shipping its first Intel-powered machines, he surprised a lot of people.

Everybody knew Apple was planning the switch. But the new computers weren't expected to ship until June at the earliest. So the announcement startled even Apple's closest allies, including software developers whose products run on Apple machines.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, left, and Intel CEO Paul Otellini caught many off guard at the Macworld conference this month when they announced that the Intel-based Macs would be available immediately. 'We like a good secret as much as the next person,' Jobs said.

Some analysts are recommending that at least for now, Apple users such as Erykah Knowles, trying out the Power Mac G5 at an Apple store in New York stick with more stable, proven platforms, rather than switching to the new Intel-based MacBook Pro notebooks, at right.

"We didn't tell any of our developers we were going to be announcing these systems as early as today because we like a good secret as much as the next person," Jobs said coyly Jan. 9 at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

That could result in frustrating software problems for the buyers of the first Intel-based iMac desktops and MacBook Pro notebook computers.snip..... continue article here (http://www.statesman.com/business/content/business/stories/technology/01/23apple.html)